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Work and Study in Singapore is probably the trend especially for higher education in Singapore.  During your study in Singapore, you might also want to look for a work to earn additional income since the living cost in Singapore is quite high. Foreign students might spend S$750 to S $2,000 for their monthly expense. You can click here to learn more about the details of living cost in Singapore. It is possible for foreign college students to earn money by doing part-time jobs. In addition to the requirement to own student visas and sending application to study in Singapore, there are some regulations on applying for part-time jobs for foreigners.

 Who can Work and Study in Singapore

If you want to study and work in Singapore, you have to meet several requirements as regulated by the Singaporean government. On the website of Ministry of Manpower (MOM), you will find a list of institutions allowing foreign students to find part-time work. In some cases, there are foreign students who are allowed to search for a part-time job without any work permit.


If you are a full-time matriculated or registered foreign student who is over 16 years old, you can study & work in Singapore without passes. There is the regulation in which a foreign student can do part time work 16 hours per week. Meanwhile, if you study in a Singaporean university in a scholarship program, make sure you ask for the permission from your sponsor first.


Other permit for Work and Study in Singapore

If you do not meet the requirements of MOM, There are types of permit you can use to apply for part-time jobs:

Training Work Permit

Students who are studying in private educational institutions or courses use this type of permit to work. You are allowed to apply for it when you are paid more than S$2.500 on monthly basis. If you hold a professional/acceptable tertiary qualification, you may apply for training work permit as well.


Training Employment Pass

If you undergo practical training attachments or internship program for managerial, professional, executive as well as specialist jobs, you can use a training employment pass. For the undergraduates, the training attachment should be part of the degree programme of the trainee which is also from an acceptable institution in Singapore. As for the intra-company trainees, they should have degrees or diploma.


Work Holiday Programme (WHP)

For those who stay in Singapore for up to 6 months or more, you can use the Work Holiday Programme. However, you must be aged between 17-30 years and from the recognized universities or other equivalent institutions to be accepted by MOM.


After meeting the requirements, you can start searching for the part-time jobs. Finding part-time work is easy since there are many sites providing the information of job vacancies. You simply need to do  quick search to find a job on the internet and you will get hundreds of results. As a part-time worker, the rate is S$6 – $10 per hour on average for retail or admin assistance jobs. By working or providing part-time services, you will eventually collect money to meet your needs. There are also some job vacancies that require part-time teachers, mostly for kindergartens.


Some temporary business management works can also be your consideration since they will be your opportunities to improve your skills. There are companies that want to hire you as a part-time worker to do some basic tasks. Many students from various countries in Asia, especially China, India, etc, will have the chance to learn new things in Singaporean companies that can be applied in their future working place. You should take advantage of this opportunity to get certification as well. In addition to allowing you to earn extra income, you will have the work experiences that can be added in you resume in the future. This will certainly be good for your careers.


However, since you are only allowed to work for a limited time, you need to be selective in finding a job. You should look for a job that does not spend too much time. Scheduling is important to avoid conflict with your study. By arranging your working as well as learning schedule properly, you will be able to do the work and study program in Singapore smoothly.

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