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Where to Study ACCA in Singapore

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Singapore offers various places with complete learning facilities for students to get quality education. This small Asian country is known for its high standards and advanced education system, making it one of the popular options for overseas students to study. There are various types of courses that you can choose. The educational institutions in Singapore offer the opportunities to study various disciplines or subjects in the field of medical science, culture, mathematics, physics, engineering, finance, business management, accountancy, tourism and hospitality, law, computer science and other studies. This country also has many globally recognised universities and colleges , providing you a wide range of places to continue your higher education.

Since there are many recognised local and foreign universities, such as the National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore Management University (SMU) and more, Singapore offers more opportunities for Singaporeans and students from abroad, especially from India, China, Indonesia and Malaysia, to study with the assistance of the professionals. The educational institutions have good curriculum to optimize the learning activity in class. No wonder many international students make this country as their study destination and get their degree.

Many institutions allow you to get qualifications as well. If you are interested in studying ACCA or the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, Singapore has a variety of top public and private learning institutions that will allow you to take the courses and get the opportunity for the membership in the global body for professional accountants as well as becoming a CPA or Certified Public Accountant in Singapore. With the support of the experienced teachers or tutors, you can learn the materials optimally. You might get the opportunity to participate in an internship or training as well. Combined with a preparatory course, it will improve your skills and knowledge.

Studying ACCA will give you many benefits. A company or organization will need a professional accountant to support its growth. With the services of the professionals, all companies can grow their business optimally. Therefore, if you study ACCA , you will get greater chance to pursue careers in various institutions. In addition, there are some requirements for the ACCA qualification that consist of:

  • 2 A levels and 3 GCSEs
  • Recognised Polytechnic Diploma or University degree
  • LCCI – Passed three subjects and two Level 3 Level 2 subjects, including mathematics and English
  • Preparatory Course for ACCA

Please click this link for further information related to the entry requirements.

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Since the profession is very crucial in the business world, Singapore offers the best places, helping you to find ACCA course to suit your career need. You can study ACCA parttime or fulltime. The following is a list of the institution that you can select:

London School of Business & Finance (LSBF)

In the UK, this institute is a popular choice for ACCA tuition provision. The course is to help students pass their ACCA exams confidently. This school has flexible study arrangements, exam based study material , highly experienced tutors and more. The ACCA course is designed to equip students with all the required skills and knowledge. To study ACCA qualification, the institute uses unique approach and effective teaching methods that will give a good start in the core skills. Students will gain specialist knowledge to support their career in the future. If you take the Preparatory Course for ACCA Examination in LSBF, you will get more benefits due to its complete learning facility. If you study the ACCA, you can choose to get a BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University.

If you plan on selecting LSBF to study ACCA, you will need English proficiency since English language will be used for the learning activities in class. You can show TOEFL or IELTS certificates as the proof of the language proficiency. Additionally, you can use the proof of 12 years of education with English as the language used in classes. However, if you do not have any certificate, you can enroll for an English language program in LSBF before studying the ACCA qualification. By visiting an education consultant, you will get guidance on the English placement test.

Kaplan Financial

As a department of Kaplan Learning Institute, it is a professional financial qualification provider in United Kingdom and Asia. This institute has produced more than 30,000 trainees each year. It also has excellent track record. Providing the excellence in education, Kaplan Financial was awarded Platinum status by the Ministry of Education or MOE for the ACCA’s Approved Learning Partner to its training center. The status is the highest honor for the institute that provides ACCA’s defined standards of facilities for learning activities and meet ACCA global pass rate.

The modern campus of Kaplan will make studying more fun. The institution’s effective lectures will equip the students the accounting skills. The professional and experienced lecturers in the industry will also optimally support the students. For the admissions, meeting the general entry requirements is a must. If you have the Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) qualification or FIA Diploma in Accounting and Business, you may apply as well.

Uptrend College

This institution is an accredited college, specializing in providing diploma, degree and certificate courses that will lead to internationally recognized qualifications. It offers a Prearatory Course for ACCA Examination that you can take over 30 months. If you are interested in becoming a chartered certified accountant, you are required to pass 14 ACCA exam papers. Through the course provided by Uptrend College, you will get a comprehensive training for every subject. As a registered ACCA tuition provider, Uptrend College meets the quality standards and criteria of ACCA. The course will containĀ  ACCA Knowledge modules (fundamentals), ACCA skills modules and ACCA essentials modules.

JE Educational College

This institution was established in 1986. It offers ACCA certificate courses to Singaporean and overseas students. Its ACCA courses will contain a preparatory courses for the ACCA Examination and Certified Accounting Technician Examination. The lecturers or teachers of JE Educational College are registered with the Council for Private Education. With their professional graduate qualification, you will be able to study optimally. This college also offers academic and examination board, good facilities and infrastructure, student and academic support, flexible payment fees, quality trademark and policy.

Indeed, you will need funds to study in Singapore. Since the study costs and living expenses are relatively high, you can look for a scholarship for the financial aid. In addition, you can search for an institute offering flexible payment fees. It is recommended to join a forum or read articles on blogs that give detailed information on frequently asked questions. You can also visit an education center or contact the staff of the institution of your choice to learn more about the details related to the admission, program and other important information you need to know. By studying ACCA at the right place, you will be prepared to be a professional accountant and provide a service.


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