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Singapore has many quality schools and institution that allows the Singaporeans as well as people from abroad to study Master of Business Administration (MBA). Students from countries like Malaysia, China, Indonesia and even Australia are coming to this country to experience high quality education through the courses. Singapore is also regarded as the best destination to learn about business and management in Asia.


It is important to note that a variety of school or institution applies a different standard where every student must fulfill several requirements, such as application, GMAT scores and academic performance. Institutions and top schools generally use high standards when selecting the students. They must have high GMAT scores and full-time work experience. In addition, the students have to undergo interviews by the faculty member to determine their eligibility to study there.


Although the requirements are quite complicated, there are many benefits that you can get if you join at the top schools or universities that offer the MBA programs. The students will get the recognition by their employers in their future work place. Their chance to get the better career will increase as well. If you expect a quality education, you can make the following top business schools and MBA Programmes your consideration.

Where to Study MBA in Singapore


Offered by National University of Singapore, it is considered the top MBA program in the country. In 2013, the NUS MBA program is ranked 36th position internationally, which is, unfortunately, dropped 10 spots from the previous year. NUS MBA has been favourably ranked by the Times Higher Education, Forbes, QS and others. In addition to business management, MBA program of NUS is relevant in entrepreneurship as well as government services.


Nanyang MBA offered by Nanyang Business School has high rank globally. Financial Times ranked this MBA program 32nd in the ‘Global MBA Rankings’. Additionally, Nanyang MBA is ranked #1 in Singapore. This MBA program is mainly focused on the study of business in Asia and global leadership. The program also has two different tracks:

• Strategy and Innovation

• Banking and Finance


As MBA programs offered by Lee Kong Chian School of Business, this relatively new course is accredited by various international bodies, making it one of the best in Singapore. QS also ranked this MBA program in the 25th position in Asia Pacific. It is important to note that a degree from SMU can give you many benefits since it is a government funded university that has high standards for its programs.

1-year MBA programs

GGenerally, the MBA programs take two years to complete. If you are looking for a one-year MBA program, you will get a lot of alternative options. Of course, although it offers a relatively short time, you still get a complete material for study. Here is the courses with accelerated study format:


Top Ranking MBA Programs


• NANYANG-Waseda Double MBA

• S P Jain’s Global MBA


• Nanyang Fellows MBA


Australian MBA Programs

• Murdoch MBA

• James Cook University MBA


UK MBA Programs

• University of Wolverhampton MBA

• University of East London MBA

• Anglia Ruskin University MBA


U.S. MBA Programs

• Arcadia MBA

• University of Louisville

  Study MBA in Singapore Tuition Fees

To participate in an MBA program, you have to prepare a budget for it. A top MBA program has a tuition fee of S$50,000 on average. You can also join the MBA programs with the lesser required fees, starting from S$17,000. This is the list of top MBA schools including the tuition fees of each program offered:


  • INSEAD Business School: S$51,000
  • James Cook University: $24,000
  • Murdoch University: $24,000
  • Nanyang Technological University MBA: $38,000-$40,000
  • National University of Singapore MBA: $34,000/$40,000
  • Northumbria University (MIS):     $18,000-$20,000
  • University of Derby: $17,000
  • NTU/Norwegian School of Management: $90,000
  • NTU/Waseda University Double MBA: $39,000
  • NUS S3 MBA with Fudan University and Korea University: US$33,000
  • NUS – Peking University MBA: $50,000
  • Queen Margaret University: $18,000/$25,000
  • Singapore Management University: $49,000-$53,000
  • Southern Cross University (MDIS): $23,000
  • University of Adelaide (NAAEC): $2,000/course

Since there are plenty of alternatives for the MBA program, you can join a forum and post a few questions about it. You will get a variety of information that you need to decide the right place for you to study. In addition, you can find information about scholarships so that you can take part in the course without requiring extra budget.



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