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Japan is one of the Asian countries with rapid development. Within a few decades, the country played an important role, especially in the world of business and technology. It is one of the factors that makes the Japanese language skills are highly needed recently. Japanese language has become another foreign language that is used in the international conversation, like English and Mandarin. Therefore, as a country with advanced education system and high standards, Singapore opens the gate of opportunities for those of you who want to make your employer impressed with your Japanese language skills. Various learning institutions in Singapore offer you the courses to learn Japanese with expert teachers or tutors. With unique or personal approach, learning module and effective teaching methods, you will be able to master the language with ease.

In Singapore, you can find the best places to learn Japanese for beginners, intermediate and advanced. If you are planning on learning Japanese so you can know the culture more, you can search for a program for undergraduate level. One of the learning institutions that allow you to study Japanese, including the art and cultural aspects, is the National University of Singapore or NUS that offers various courses. By participating in the program, you can get many advantages, such as the assistance of the professionals, library, student exchanges, modern campus, good environment, great facilities and more.

The university has produced quality graduates as well as innovative research on Japan. It also developes some new approaches to learn more about Japan and promotes exchanges among disciplines. The Department of Japanese Studies at NUS is a large area studies department in the Asia-Pacific region. In addition to offering Bachelors, it provides Masters and PhD courses in Japanese Studies in full-time. Students will be taught by specialists that have qualifications from top universities around the world.

NUS receives 1500 enrollment of undergraduate students in Japanese studies courses each year. The courses provided by NUS will cover a broad range of disciplines according to your interest that include:

  • JapaneseĀ linguistics
  • BusinessĀ studies
  • Sociology
  • Anthropology
  • History
  • literature
  • Religion
  • Politics
  • InternationalĀ relations

Since learning Japanese requires effort, NUS has many ways to optimize the learning activity. With the support of faculty members that have extensive experience, studying Japanese will be more optimal. The faculty members are active in research and publishing as well. Therefore, their assistance will provide many benefits to your study. The institution also has mentorship programs, in which students will be paired with a faculty member who will monitor the academic progress of the student. In addition, NUS has scholarships and offers the opportunities to gain practical experiences living in Japan and work internship programmes. As for the scholarship programmes, qualified students of all nationalities are allowed to apply.

By studying Japanese at NUS, you will gain expert knowledge on Japan that can be applied in your future career work, including in the field of government, business, media and wider community. You also will have the chance to conduct influential research on Japan and contribute to society in various ways. The graduates of NUS have pursued careers on journalism, translation, foreign and civil service, communications and education. Through its undergraduate program, NUS gives comprehensive training that will lead to a BA or BA (Hons) degree. The Department will improve the students’ abilities to carry out an exploration of Japan. The coursework will cover a wide range of fields, including history, linguistics and sociology.

Offering MA and PhD degrees, NUS provides guidance to conduct independent research in a theme of the student’s choice. Also, students are encouraged to use the available expertise and adopt an interdisciplinary approach. During their study, students will have internship opportunities to work in a Japan-related organization or company and homestay programmes. These fun and attractive programmes have successfully produced students with high skills and knowledge. Check this link to learn more about Japanese Studies at NUS.

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If you are interested in learning Japanese in part time courses, Singapore has more offers for you. There are many Japanese learning centers providing excellence in education in this country. For working professionals, the courses are the best solution to study Japanese without interfering with their routine job. One of the recommended places to learn Japanese effectively is Bunka. This learning center has a special method to help you learn this language optimally. The use of Roman letters will be minimized while you learn to read Hiragana since the beginning of the level to get you used to it.

In Bunka, you will learn with expert sensei. The methodical and systematic approach makes learning more effective. Bunka does not use conventional approach and use entirely different system to give students a solid foundation to learn the language without requiring long time. The grammar is rearranged to help beginners understand better and easier as well. If you study at a study at Bunka Language Pte School, you will enjoy and learn basic Japanese fast. In addition, you will master the conjugation of verbs since the teaching pace and materials and are designed to suit the capability of the students in general. Since the first lesson, Hiragana will be taught. However, Bunka also provides English explanation of grammar so you can understand the rules correctly. You will be participating in conversational practice in small groups to ensure that the grammar is learned properly. Click here for the details.

Ikoma is another Japanese courses provider that offers Basic, Intermediate, Pre-Advanced, Advanced and Further Advanced levels. In the basic level, you will learn the fundamentals of the language and promote the development in speaking, writing, reading and listening in its native form. The textbooks Minna no Nihongi 1-1 and 1-2 will be used to help you understand the language. You will be focused on grammar, including in the forms of volitional, intransitive, imperative and others. At the pre-advanced level, new content will be added. You will learn how to use the grammar rule in conversations, discussions and role-plays.

If you attend the course at advanced level, you will gain listening and reading skills as well as higher levels of grammar. As a continuation of the advanced level, you will learn more about the vocabulary at the further advanced level. Drama viewing and reviewing will be used as the part of the additional activities to make you proficient. There are Japanese language exams as well. They will be the assessment on how good you master the Japanese language through the course. You can also join in a placement test to know the best course for you.

If you are looking for a small class to learn Japanese, you can choose Aoba Language Center. Monitoring individual’s progress is made easier due to small class. In Aoba, there is a variety of courses, ranging from regular standard to customized private lessons. Students can choose the type of course based on their learning purpose. If you need the language proficiency to work in Japan, Aoba will customize a course allowing you to learn the language as well as the culture within the curriculum to prepare you before entering the workforce. Aoba has a library providing a wide selection of drama DVDs and Manga so you can learn the language in a more exciting way .

Lingo Language School is another option you can select to learn Japanese. It is specializing in adult language programs that is designed for beginners. The teachers are native speakers to help you understand the language effectively. This Ministry of Education (MOE) registered school also offers small class size and focuses on conversational skills. Lingo also has private tuition service that can be chosen if you wish to learn Japanese intensively at home. The information on the price of the tuition service can be obtained if you contact the staff of the institution by sending a mail message to get the details.

Since there are many language learning centers or institutions providing the opportunity to study Japanese, you can search for references on the internet. There are many websites or blogs that give detailed information on the most frequently asked questions and available courses that can be selected according to your needs or interest. You can also find a site that gives feedback on each institution so you can asses the quality of education offered. Further information related to the programmes can be found on the site as well. Joining a Japanese course will be your investment and a road to your success in the future. However, make sure the course really suits your need, covering all the required skills for your future work.

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