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For many Singaporeans and students from abroad, especially from the region of Asia, Singapore is considered as an ideal place to pursue higher education. To get the excellent education system, you do not need to go to western countries, such as UK, U.S., or Australia. You can get a quality education at a relatively lower cost in Singapore. In addition, this country offers the opportunites of management work which make it the best destination for foreign students who are planning on studying business.

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The Cost of Study

If you want to apply to an institute in Singapore, you will need a student visa and meet the admission requirements. Additionally, you need to know about the cost of study in Singapore. Therefore, you can do the planning or preparing the budget before pursuing higher education there. Here is the list of estimated costs for 1 year study in 2013 that you must pay:

Universities and Polytechnics (Per Year)

Non-lab Based

  • Tuition per year: S$20,420-S$21,950
  • Ministry of Education Tuition Grant: S$13,700
  • Direct Payment (tuition fee payable): S$6,720-S$8,250

Lab Based

  • Tuition per year: S$22,420
  • Ministry of Education Tuition Grant: S$15,700
  • Direct Payment (tuition fee payable): S$19,270


  • Tuition per year: S$83,870
  • Ministry of Education Tuition Grant: S$64,600
  • Direct Payment (tuition fee payable): S$19,270


  • Tuition per year: S$40,330
  • Ministry of Education Tuition Grant: S$32,000
  • Direct Payment (tuition fee payable): S$8,330

Institute of Technical Education (Per Year)

  • Higher Nitec: S$2,000
  • Nitec: S$1,200

Primary, Secondary and Pre-university School (Per Month)

Primary School Fees

  • Singaporean Citizen: Free
  • Permanent Resident: S$90
  • International Student (ASEAN): S$350
  • International Student: S$500

Secondary School Fees

  • Singaporean Citizen: S$5
  • Permanent Resident: S$120
  • International Student (ASEAN): S$450
  • International Student: S$650

Pre-University School Fees

  • Singaporean Citizen: S$6
  • Permanent Resident: S$160
  • International Student (ASEAN): S$700
  • International Student: S$1,000

For those of you who have good academic skills, you can search for scholarships offered by various top universities in Singapore, such as NUS, SMU and NTU. You can do research to find the scholarship that suits your interests, like Nanyang Scholarship and SIA Youth Scholarship for Undergraduate Degree Courses. That way, you can study science, technology, management or other programs in the right universities with lesser cost.

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You can also click here if you plan to join in some courses and need guidance on the tuition fee. There is information about the cost of courses as well as private tuition according to certain degree that you can consider.

The Cost of Living

In addition to preparing the budget for the cost of the study at some colleges or universities, you also have to know about the cost of living in Singapore. Indeed, compared to its neighboring countries, the cost of living in this country is relatively higher. Here is the estimated monthly cost of living in Singapore:

  • Accommodation: S$200-S$1,500
  • Utilities: S$50-S$80
  • Food: S$200-S$450
  • Public transport: S$40-S$100
  • Telecommunications: S$30-S$50
  • Books and Stationery: S$30-S$100
  • Hospitalization Medical Insurance: S$5-S$8
  • Personal expenses: S$100-S$200

Based on the estimates above, you will spend S$650-S$2000 per month. Of course the monthly cost depends on your lifestyle as well.

You could also have several options for the type of accommodation during your study in Singapore. Below is a list of the type of accommodation and its monthly rental fee that you can consider.

  • University – Halls of Residence: S$155-S$800
  • Boarding School: S$6,000-S$15,000 (per academic year)
  • Private Hostel: S$750
  • Public housing (room): S$300-S$600
  • Public housing (whole unit): S$1,000-S$2,000
  • Private housing (room): S$800-S$1,200
  • Private housing (whole unit): ≥ S$1,000

To find out more detailed information about the cost of study and monthly living expenses, you can use the services of consultants. That way, you can calculate your estimated monthly expenses during your study. In addition, you can visit a site providing a post about the study and living cost in Singapore. If you want to calculate the estimated cost online, you can click here.

The procedure to apply to study in Singapore is not easy. We are willing to help to make it easier for you (cost from $5k SGD). Kindly send us your enquiry, we will try our very best to reply to you soonest. We duly hope to be of the utmost service to you. Thank you very much !

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