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Study in Singapore after 12th

Most students certainly do not want to miss their chance to continue their education at top universities. They search for the best learning institutions to get their degree. One of the countries in Asia that offers many quality places to study is Singapore. This state is known as a popular educational destination that accepts thousands of students from abroad. There are many globally recognized public and private universities or colleges to choose from. They provide various courses which can be tailored to the career needs of the students in the future. By pursuing education in the best place, students could have a great opportunity for employment in many workplaces.

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Complete learning facilities and professional teachers will make a major contribution to the success of the student in their learning. Additionally, Singapore has an advanced education system and good infrastructure supported by its curriculum to optimize the learning activities of the students. This country also has a high standard of education so that graduates have the competencies required for their future work. Those factors make this country an attractive destination to pursue high education. Many overseas students, especially from India, Malaysia, China and Indonesia, consider Singapore the best place to continue their studies after completing their 12th class.

National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) are two examples of popular universities with modern campuses which have attracted many students from around the world. They provide undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in various disciplines. Students can get their bachelor’s and master’s degrees at various universities in Singapore. The learning institutions allow students to study medical science, arts, design, cultures, computers, medicine, tourism, hospitality, foreign languages and more. Many Indian and Chinese students are interested in studying business management in this country. Singapore not only attracts students from Asian countries; many foreign students from UK, USA, New Zealand, and Canada come to this country to study culture. The multicultural environment of the country could support their learning activities optimally.

If you just complete your 12th class, you may consider continuing your education in Singapore. You can study bachelors and masters in one of the top universities. Many working professionals manage to make a good career because they get their degree in a quality university or polytechnic in this country. The schools in Singapore apply high standards in education, making them able to produce quality graduates. That is why many employers are interested in hiring them. In addition, if you get your degree in this small country, you could have the opportunity to undergo training in a company. That way, you can learn from the expert senior workers and it can effectively improve your skills and increase of your chance of working in a well-established corporate.

Undergraduate Programmes

There are many undergraduate programs that are designed to allow you to study various fields. They will prepare you for the challenges in your future workplace. You can choose a degree program on a full-time basis. You will learn solid theoretical study which will be implemented in your work. It is one of the reasons why studying in Singapore is highly recommended. There are a variety of undergraduate courses that you can choose:

Agriculture and related subjects

• Food Science and Technology

Applied and Pure Sciences

• Environmental Sciences
• Chemistry
• Geography
• Physics
• Psychology
• Life Sciences
• Sports Science
• Other Sciences

Architecture, Building and Planning

• Surveying
• Construction
• Interior Design
• Architecture

Business and Administrative Studies

• Business studies
• Accounting
• Finance
• Management
• Marketing
• Human Resources

Computer and Mathematical Science

• IT
• Computer Science
• Multimedia
• Mathematics

Creative Arts and Design

• Art
• Dance
• Fashion
• Music
• Design
• Theatre and Dramatic

Engineering and Technology

• Biomedical engineering
• Civil Engineering
• Chemical and Materials Engineering
• Manufacturing and production
• Mechanical Engineering
• Electrical Engineering
• Electronic Engineering

Health and Medicine

• Dentistry
• Ophthalmic
• Pharmacology
• Medicine
• Nursing


• Philosophy
• Religious Studies
• English studies
• History
• Literature
• Languages
• Other Humanities
You can do research on the internet to find a learning institute providing the course you are interested in. Since there are many universities that offer a variety of undergraduate courses, you can join a forum and post your question to get the answer related to the available courses you can choose. Also, it is advised to visit an educational information centre to get a guide or answers for frequently asked questions regarding the education in Singapore. Many websites provides detailed answers for the FAQS as well. If you do not have an idea of the learning institutions in the country, you can use the services of education consultants. They also offer other services that can help you during your stay in Singapore. It is also possible to further your education if you are planning on getting MBA degree in the country. You can use the counseling service to find the best learning institution that suits your needs.
Student Visa

So that you can study in Singapore, you will need a student’s pass or visa. The first step that you need to do before applying for visas is submitting an application for admission in the college or university of your choice. You can check the website of the learning institute to learn more about the requirements of the admissions or submit an online application form. Contact the staff of the institutions to get the details. After successfully getting admitted, you will receive a letter of acceptance from the university. It is a proof that you are accepted to study at a university in Singapore. You will need it to apply for the visa as well.

You should visit the site of the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore or ICAS. On the site, you will receive detailed information about the requirements for the visa application. Here are some documents that you must attach:
• A passport
• A visa application form that has been signed
• A recent photo in passport size with white background
• A financial proof of the course duration
• A Covering Letter that states your purpose of study as well as the personal data is
• A proof of admission
• The foreign exchange endorsement
• One – way ticket that has already been confirmed
• Copies of your Personal Data and endorsement pages
• A birth certificate
• Copies of your highest educational certificates

Your application will be submitted through SOLAR or Student’s Pass Application & Registration. With the online submission facility provided, you can apply for the visa in a more practical way. Click here to view the submission facility.

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The Finance during Your Study

Singapore is a home of a multicultural society with various nationalities and the responsibility of the government and the resident is to maintain the conducive atmosphere in the country. It also is one of the countries with low corruption and crime rates, making it a safer place for international students to pursue higher education. The friendliness of the people and good environment will support your study in Singapore. It will allow you to stay focused on your education. The money that you spend for the tuition fee will be used entirely for the cost of your study. Of course, you also will need cost for your living expenses.

Compared to studying in United Kingdom, United States of America and Australia, the costs of tuition fees and living expense in Singapore are relatively cheaper. However, you certainly need money to meet your monthly needs. It is possible to look for a part time job. The Singapore Government implemented strict regulations related to student employment. To be able to work part-time, you will need a work permit. There are several types of work passes that have specific requirements. You can visit the website of the Ministry of Manpower or MOM to learn the details. In some cases, you can work without a work pass. Click this link to get further information.

To ease your financial burden, the Singapore Government and many institutions offer scholarships. With the scholarship program, you can have the opportunity to study in Singapore with lower costs. The awards will be based on outstanding academic record and good skills or personal abilities of the students. An applicant with a lot of achievements will also have a great opportunity for getting awarded. You can find information about the scholarships available, including the required tests or additional requirements, on the internet.

The procedure to apply to study in Singapore is not easy. We are willing to help to make it easier for you (cost from $5k SGD). Kindly send us your enquiry, we will try our very best to reply to you soonest. We duly hope to be of the utmost service to you. Thank you very much !

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