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As one of the Asian countries that have a rapid development in various fields, including the economy and education sector, Singapore has attracted thousands of foreigners to live in this small country. Many overseas students, especially from Malaysia, China, India and Indonesia, also decided to pursue their higher education there. There are many factors that they consider in making this country as their education destination. The advanced education system and high standards become their main reasons. The country also has many top universities and colleges that can help local and foreign students to get better careers in the future. With the support of complete facilities, modern campuses and experienced teachers, the students will be equipped with the required skills and knowledge. Students have the opportunity to study through e-learning as well. It is very helpful for students with limited fund where they can save the cost and time of their study.

If you open various educational websites or blogs, you will read a lot of articles on education in Singapore. Many people share their experiences while studying in this country. Educational institutions in Singapore have produced many graduates who become valuable human resource for various companies and organizations. Through its curriculum, the institutions provide the opportunities for students to study optimally. Their effective methods and unique approach make learning become a lot easier. Students can also study in a multicultural environment. Universities in Singapore offer courses or programmes to study various disciplines, such as law, engineering, medical studies, psychology, computing, arts, fashion and creative design, finance and accounting, media communications, health science, mathematics, business management, humanities, marketing and more. There are many educational institutions that offer programs in the field of tourism and hospitality as well. Therefore, students can choose an area that suits their interests.

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Studying tourism and hospitality management in Singapore could be the right step because this country is very advanced in the tourism sector. Therefore, students can learn about it, both in theory and practice. The learning institutions providing the course also offer an opportunity for the students to participate in an internship program. They can apply the skills and knowledge they acquire in the classroom directly in their workplace. In addition, they will be assisted by the experts who have the experience in the industry. Their assistance will make the learning activities more effective. Students will learn about the tasks in various departments, such as front office, food and beverage, housekeeping and others. Their experience will improve their skills in hotel management.


Singapore offers you to get Bachelors, Master or Doctoral degree. Through its learning institutions, you can study based on your career needs. There are a variety of undergraduate to postgraduate program which you can choose. Providing various courses, you can have a lot of options to support your career. One of the education institutions that could be considered is the MDIS School of Tourism and Hospitality. You can get the Bachelor of Science (Hons) International Tourism and Hospitality Management that will be awarded by University of Sunderland, UK. This institute has produced competent graduates in hospitality industry. The number of students who wish to study in this institute increase every year. Through its program, MDIS will provide the foundation and specialist knowledge required within the hospitality industries. The vocational and academic skills will lead to professional qualifications as well. Students will also learn about some issues related to tourism and hospitality. The graduates will have the generic competency to enable them to get career positions in the industry or in other service sector.

The teaching methods in MDIS include lectures, workshops, practical projects, field work, seminars and work-based learning. The module will be assessed through group and individual practices, written assignments, presentations, learning logs, evaluations and examinations. After the completion of the exams for Year 1 and 2 modules as well as internship program, students will get the Foundation Degree in Travel and Tourism. Students who have completed all the degree programme requirements will be awarded the Bachelor of Science (Hons) International Tourism and Hospitality Management. They are entitled to use the title BSc (Hons). In addition, the alumni will have a greater opportunity for employment thanks to the good reputation of this institute.

Nanyang Business School as part of Nanyang Technological University also provides courses in Hospitality Management. This institute and Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration offer a program for senior professionals in hospitality industries. The participants can get deeper understanding of corporate strategy, sustainable business models and decision-making tenets. This can be done by participating in modules at MIT’s Sloan School of Management and the Wharton School of Business. Those modules are offered at special rates for the Executive MBA participants and alumni. Through the program, hospitality professionals can get a competitive edge. They will be able to identify market opportunities and optimize the business operation of their company. The participants of the course will also be taught to examine some issues, like hotel investments, marketing strategy and the management of the hotel revenue. The duration of the programme is 12 months on NTU’s campus and Cornell’s.

Another place to study tourism and hospitality is James Cook University (JCU) Singapore. It is an overseas campus of James Cook University, Australia. Since Singapore is a leading tourism destination, JCU considers Hospitality studies will support students who are interested in the tourism and hospitality industry. Therefore, this institution offers tourism degrees to produce well-trained professionals. Students will be equipped with professional skills to provide the best services. JCU will give the knowledge and fundamental business principles related to the tourism and hospitality industry. Theoretical and practical skills will be given through its modules. The skills can be applied when working in Singapore or the home countries of foreign students. The intake of major student will occur during March, July and October.

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Kaplan Higher Education Academy also provides Hospitality and Tourism Management. When building a career in travel, tourism and hospitality sectors, it is important to have all the required skills and knowledge. Therefore, Kaplan offers the programs to equip students with the necessary skills. Through the course provided, students will learn how to understand the customer service needs as well as international practices or markets. The degrees offered by Kaplan will be awarded by Murdoch University. Below is the list of programmes you can select:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Tourism & Events Management
  • Bachelor of Arts in Tourism & Events Management and Hospitality & Tourism Management (Double Major)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Tourism & Events Management and Human Resource Management (Double Major)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Tourism & Events Management and Management (Double Major)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Tourism & Events Management and Marketing (Double Major)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Tourism & Events Management and Public Relations (Double Major)
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Hospitality & Tourism Management
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Hospitality & Tourism Management and Human Resource Management (Double Major)
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Hospitality & Tourism Management and Management (Double Major)
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Hospitality & Tourism Management and Marketing (Double Major)


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Since there are various courses that can be your consideration, you are advised to look for more information by visiting the websites of the institutions. You will get the detailed info if you visit the website. You can contact the staff of the institution by sending email messages or go to the office to get the details. Collecting more information, including reviews or feedback related to certain institution can be done by conducting online research. You can search for references on the internet. In addition, you can join some forums or groups to learn about frequently asked questions. By posting your question, you will get answers from the members instantly.

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