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The Singaporeans and students from many countries, especially the Asian region, make various universities or courses in Singapore as their place to improve their English skills. In addition, the use of English as the daily language of this country will make studying it more optimal and a lot faster.

To optimize the activities of English study in Singapore, all the institutions implement quality education system.


The learning method of English study provided by the universities is tailored to the complexity of the material covered in class. That is why you can absorb the information presented easily. Additionally, you can choose an institute that offers a variety of English programmes so that you can learn the skills to fit your specific purposes. 

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Where to Study English in Singapore

There are many universities that offer English language and literature as one of the majors they offer. They also provide a range of courses or programmes that suit your interests. Here are the top universities that you can consider:

National University of Singapore (NUS)

 As one of the best universities in Singapore and recognized in the international, NUS provides English literature courses that you can choose. Each course has a different duration. The English Literature courses are:


• B.A. (Hons.) Single Major in English Literature


It is offered by NUS as an undergraduate course. The course duration is 4 years. To participate in this course, you must provide S$13,730 per year for its tuition fees.


• B.A. Single Major in English Literature


This course offers English literature study with undergraduate qualification. Instead of 4 years, this course takes 3 years to complete. For the tuition fee, you have to pay S$13,730 per year.


• Second Major in English Literature


This is a Bachelor degree course offered by NUS. The study mode of the course is full time. You are required to pay for S$13,730 per year for the tuition fee of the course.


SIM University

It is another top university in Singapore that provides English Literature as one of its programmes. Offering BA English Language and Literature as its undergraduate study, SIM University provides the knowledge about the linguistic concepts and sociocultural context of English Language. Its English Literature programm also educates students to be able to do a critical analysis of various texts. In order to do the analysis, the students can use many theories and key concepts.


If you are interested in learning about the fee you have to pay for this course, you can click here.



National Institute of Education (NIE)


For those of you who want to continue your education to a higher level, you can make the National Institute of Education (NIE) as the next destination. This institute offers Master of Education in English Literature. This program will provide a deeper theoretical understanding of the English language.


The program can also improve your skills in English literature teaching. It is highly recommended for those of you who work in the field of education. This NIE program is also supported with digital media and technology to optimize learning activities. With the English language skills you gain in this course, you will be able to do your job more professionally.


The requirements to apply for the MBA program are:


• A Bachelor’s degree from the university recognised

• A teaching qualification

• Having 1 year of teaching experience

• Having a degree in English Literature or Linguistics



For the application for admission, you are advised to visit the website of NIE and look out for the announcements of this specialisation. You can view this link to learn more about its tuition fees.




Full-time and Part-time English Courses


There are also many courses that offer full-time and part-time English learning. These are the English learning facilities that allow Singaporeans and foreigners, such as the Chinese, Malaysians, Indonesians, Indian, etc, to improve their linguistic skills. The courses also offer a variety of English learning program for general, conversation or business purposes. These are the top English courses in Singapore:


British Council


This institute has been providing English learning facility for over 60 years. Learning with English natives allows the students to get well understanding on the material presented. British Council has several types of courses that you can choose.

 Study English in Singapore

English for Adults Courses:

  • IELTS and Exam preparation
  • Part-time General English
  • Full-time General English
  • Part-time Business English


English for School Courses:

  • Pre-School
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Holiday


British Council also offers courses for English teaching and corporate training.


Education First (EF)


This course is for adults and students aged 16 and above. Located close to Little India and Chinatown, EF is in multicultural urban areas that can support the learning process. In addition, EF has professional teachers and effective teaching methods.


There are several types of courses at EF. You can choose the type of course that suits your needs. You will be able to learn general English, English for business to English teaching. EF also helps students in preparing for exams. The types of course are:

  • Certificate in English/ILS
  • Certificate in English/Academic Year Abroad
  • One to One Private Tuition




This English learning facility provides full-time, part-time and short courses. Additionally, Ascend offer private tuition for students who are looking for more intensive English learning.


Here is the list of courses Ascend provides:


  • Full-time General English Course
  • Part-time General English Course
  • Full-time and Part-time IELTS Course
  • Part-time Business English
  • Part-time Grammar and Writing Course
  • Part-time Conversational English Curse
  • Part-time Pronunciation and Speaking Course
  • Private TuitionFull-time General English Course
  • Part-time General English Course
  • Full-time and Part-time IELTS Course
  • Part-time Business English
  • Part-time Grammar and Writing Course
  • Part-time Conversational English Curse
  • Part-time Pronunciation and Speaking Course
  • Private Tuition


JE Educational College (JE)


This institution was established in 1986 and internationally recognized as an English language school. JE offers English courses for local and overseas students. It also has various English learning courses you can select. The programmes consist of:


  • Certificate in English for Foreign Students
  • English Exam Preparation Programs
  • English for Business
  • General Education



Since there are many alternative options to learn English in Singapore, you will find a recommended school or course easily. You can send an email to a number of institutions that you are interested in or simply joining forums that discuss English study in Singapore. That way, you can send question posts and get replies from the members. It is a simple way to get references for your consideration. You can also click here to learn more about the available English courses.


For the tuition fees, the cost depends on the type of course you choose. The fees start from S$15 to S$120 per hour. In some cases, professional private tutor would offer high tuition fees. They may be wiling to teach English for low rate if they are staying near your house. You can vist this site to read about tuition fee guide.

The procedure to apply to study in Singapore is not easy. We are willing to help to make it easier for you (cost from $5k SGD). Kindly send us your enquiry, we will try our very best to reply to you soonest. We duly hope to be of the utmost service to you. Thank you very much !

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