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Singapore has been transformed as an Asian country with advanced economies. Not only that, this small country has a modern education system as well as a high standard. The Singapore citizens can enjoy good educational facilities provided by the Singapore government and various institutions. There are many modern campuses and complete facilities that support the learning activities of the students. The Singapore government also allows overseas students to get their education there. No wonder, the country has attracted thousands of foreign students, mainly from China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. They are interested in pursuing their higher education because of the quality of education offered. The learning activity at various universities and colleges is supported by experienced teacher, effective teaching methods and unique approach. Therefore, the educational institutions successfully produced many skilled graduates with the competency required by various companies around the world.

There are many universities and polytechnics which provide opportunities for Singaporeans and international students to study various levels. A variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programs are offered by the learning institutions in Singapore. Students can get their bachelors, masters and PHDs in top universities. If you are interested in studying Diploma, Singapore also provides many places to pursue your education. You can study fulltime or parttime courses, depending on your need or availability. In addition, some institutions offer elearning courses where you can enjoy the facilities of distance learning. This will save the cost and time of your study. With a variety of offers that you can use, you will have a great opportunity to get your degree in practical and effective ways.

Singapore Polytechnic is one of the institutions that provide diverse learning Diploma courses. It has produced alumni who have the skills required in many workplaces since there are various disciplines offered by the polytechnic. Founded in 1954, the Singapore Polytechnic is the first polytechnic established in the country. The Singapore Quality Class, the Singapore Public Service Award for Organisational Excellence, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications are several awards and certifications acquired by this institution. The President’s Award for the Environment in 2010 was also awarded to this polytechnic in 2010.

The following listing is the courses offered by Singapore Polytechnic that can be considered:

Advanced Diploma:

Building Automation & Services

Communication Engineering

Food Technology

Polymer Technology

Power Electronics & Application

Power Systems Engineering

Process Control & Instrumentation


Diploma (Conversion):

Computer Networking

Digital Media Creation

Kindergarten Education – Teaching aka WSQ Professional Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education Kindergarten – Teaching (PDECCE-KT)

Marketing Management

Shipping Operations and Management

Supply Chain Management



Business Practice (Business Management)

Engineering (Aerospace)

Engineering (Control and Automation)

Engineering (Mechanical Technology)

Engineering (Power Engineering)


Specialist Diploma:

Biomedical Engineering


Cosmetic Science

Energy Efficiency & Management


Mobile Apps Development

Network Security

Nutrition and Health Promotion

Statistics & Data Mining

Web Development Technology

Singapore Polytechnic also offers scholarships to students with outstanding academic skills and achievements. Students can use the SP Scholarship, Engineering Scholarship SP, SP-ITE Scholarship Scheme, SP Music & Arts Scholarship and SP Sports Scholarship as part of the financial assistance offered by the institution. The SP Scholarship gives full sponsorship for the tuition fees. There is also Singapore Polytechnic Outstanding Talent (SPOT) Program to expose students to the global current affairs. For the SP scholars, the enrolment of the program will be done automatically. In addition, there is the Singapore Polytechnic Preparatory Programme for successful applicants of the DPA (Direct Polytechnic Admission) to SP. The academic modules will equip the students with the foundation in polytechnic study.

For those of you who wish to study Diploma to become a professional teacher, you can choose one of the courses offered by the National Institute of Education (NIE). The programmes will lead to Diplomas where you will have the teaching skills for primary and secondary schools. There are two tracks for the Diploma in Education programs: the General and Specialisation. In General track, students will be generalist teachers in primary school while the Specialisation track will equip students with the skills for teaching physical education and mother tongue languages ​​at the primary/secondary schools. They will also be able to teach Home Economics, Art or Music at secondary schools. You can also study the special education needs that will lead to a Diploma in Special Education (DISE), a full-time program that will take one year to complete. For the general entry requirements, the applicants should hold either polytechnic diplomas or GCE ‘A’ levels. If you are interested in applying for the DISE, you should have at least one month of relevant work experience.

The types of Diploma programmes consist of:

  • Dip Ed General
  • Dip Ed (Mother tongue specialisations)
  • Dip Ed (Music/Art/Homec specialisations)
  • Dip Physical Education
  • Dip in Art Ed, Music Ed, Home Ed
  • Dip in Special Education

SIM Global Education is another institution you can choose. It has a variety of diploma programs that could be the consideration for those of you who are interested in the business field. SIM was started in 1964 to develop human resource pool in Singapore. It initially offered courses in management disciplines for senior managers and supervisory personnel. In 1973, SIM provided its first formal management education program. This institution was also selected by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to run the Open University Degree Programme accredited in 1992.

Below is the list of the Diploma programmes offered by the institution:

Business Programmes


Diploma in Accounting

Awarded by Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)


Banking and Finance / Business:

Diploma in Banking and Finance

Awarded by Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)


Business / International Business:

Diploma in International Business

Awarded by Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)



Diploma in Economics

Awarded by University of London



Diploma in Management Studies

Awarded by Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)


Specialty Programmes


Higher Diploma in International Hotel Management

Awarded by IMI International Hotel Management Institute, Switzerland


Kaplan Higher Education Institute has the programme of Advanced Diploma in Management. For the structure, the program has six subjects and it can be completed within 8 months. Students will have the opportunity to study:

  • Business Law
  • Business Information Systems
  • Computer / Data Management
  • Business Communications
  • Marketing Management
  • Operations Management

Kaplan offers part-time program in which the curriculum will be delivered over 3 terms. Each term will cover two subjects. The assessment will be done based on projects, examination, class participation and assignments. After the students successfully completed the program, they will be awarded with Advanced Diploma in Management by Kaplan Higher Education Institute. They can continue their education by studying a bachelor degree with Kaplan’s partner universities.

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For the entry requirements of the learning institutions in Singapore, you can access the site of the institution. You will get information on the admission, including the qualifications or eligibility. If you are an international student, you must have a pass or student’s visa. You must submit a variety of documents, such as a valid passport and a letter of acceptance from the institution of your choice. To get the detailed information regarding the visa application, you can visit the website of the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) Singapore. You can learn more by clicking this link.

MOE Subsidies for part-time Diploma courses. It will be a form of financial aid for students with limited funds who wish to study in Singapore. The government and other external agencies also provide scholarships. To help students pay for the tuition fees, some institutions offer loans. The information on the loan service can be viewed on the websites of the institutions. In addition, Singaporeans and foreign students are allowed to find part-time jobs. If you plan on finding a job to pay for living costs and tuition fee, you can get a work permit from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). Work permit holders are allowed to search for jobs as long as it will not interfere with their studies. You can click here to learn more about MOM regulations on seeking part time job for foreign students.

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