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Singapore has become the melting pot of many people with diverse nationalities. People from abroad come to this country to stay or study since Singapore is known for its excellent educational system. Chinese culture is one component of the diversity in Singapore. That is why, if you plan to learn more about the language and culture of China, Singapore could be the right place. All Singaporeans and international students can find an institution that provides Chinese classes or courses. If you want to learn about the language, culture and history of China, you can pursue your education at a university that offers Chinese programmes. However, if you are busy with other courses or work, you can simply find a learning institution that provides Chinese language courses.

Chinese Studies

National University of Singapore (NUS) offers Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Studies that could be an option you want to learn many things about China. You will not only learn about the language, but also the culture and history of this great nation.

The curriculum of this program consists of:

• Literature

• History

• Philosophy

Through the curriculum, you can get comprehensive training in modern as well as classical Chinese studies. You will learn about classical and modern Chinese literature, Chinese history in the modern and ancient era, cultural studies, etc. With the programs offered by NUS, you will gain a deeper understanding of the Chinese culture. Of course, you will have the ability to read and speak in Mandarin. With effective teaching method, you will understand the material presented effectively.

NUS also has several other programs, such as Visiting Scholar Programme. You can learn with many scholars who come from abroad to know more about China. There are many renowned scholars and well-known writers who have visited the department since 1980.

There is also Wu Teh Yao Memorial Lecture series which is held every year in memory of Professor Wu Teh Yao, a prominent educator and scholar. A prominent scholar will be invited to provide lecturing in English and Chinese. The scholar will talk about a variety of topics, such as economics, Chinese culture and politics.

Another program namely JC seminars will be organized annually. In this event, the participants and organizers will discuss issues related to Chinese. The department also holds overseas summer camping, tours, Chinese calligraphy classes, etc. They are some other programs that are offered the department. They will allow you to learn more about China.

Career Prospect

By learning Chinese language and culture, you will be prepared to face the work challenges. There are a lot of job that require people with mandarin skills. With the language skills, you will have a specific specialization that gives a plus to your employment.

You can contact the NUS Department of Chinese Studies to find out about the program by visiting the official website of the university.

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Chinese Language Courses

If you expect a Chinese language course that can be done in a full-time or part-time, there are many learning institutions that can assist you in studying the language based on specific levels. You can study Mandarin in Singapore by selecting a learning course that suits your interests. Here are some Chinese learning courses that you can consider:


As one of the top language schools in Singapore, Inlingua offers Chinese courses to help you learn mandarin. Inlingua School of Languages ​​in Singapore has been helping people to learn foreign language since 1972. The courses provided by Inlingua can be selected based on specific levels, beginners and advanced. The programs are:

• General and Specific Purposes

• Full-time and Part-time

• In small Groups

• One-to-one


For those of you who want to study Mandarin in Singapore, you can consider Globibo Language School that is located in the Downtown Core of Singapore City. It provides Chinese classes as well as private lessons for you. Here are the programs offered by Globibo:

• Group Chinese Courses

• Intensive Chinese Courses

• Private Chinese Lessons

• Corporate Chinese Courses

• Linguo-Cultural Courses

Agape School of Education

Chinese course of Agape School of Education is very popular in Singapore. One of the main attractions this language school, in addition to expert teachers, is its small class. Each class consists of 6 participants only. This will optimize the learning process where the teacher can focus more on delivering course materials to the participants. Of course, the participants can absorb the information presented in class more easily. The Chinese class at Agape could be the right choice for those of you who do not know Mandarin at all.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Course

If you are interested in learning about traditional medicine, you can choose the Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that was established in 1953. This school has produced many TCM practitioners for many years and makes it as one of the best traditional medicine schools in the country as well as in Asia. This TCM institution has several courses:

• Advanced Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine

• Master’s Program in Traditional Chinese Medicine

• Bachelor Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine

• Doctor Program in Traditional Chinese Medicine

• Graduate Diploma in Acupuncture

• Graduate Diploma in Veterinary Acupuncture (GDVA)

• Certificate in TCM Assistant

• Advanced Certificate in TCM Assistant

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If you are interested in learning more about the TCM courses, you can visit here.


You can spend a little time to do research or find some articles about the recommended Chinese learning center that suits your needs. You can also join in several forums discussing educational matters, including Chinese courses in Singapore. By selecting the best institution, you can study Chinese language as well as its traditional medicine optimally.

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