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Singapore is an Asian country that has a quality education system. The state government has allocated huge funds for the development of education and infrastructure. As a result, Singapore has one of countries with the advanced education. For this reason, a lot of students from abroad decided to make this country as their destination to study their degrees. Singapore became the place of choice of students from Asian countries, like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, China and India to pursue their higher education. There are many top universities that are internationally recognized and global learning institutions that will help the graduates to get better opportunities to pursue good career as well.

If you plan on finding the best place to study your degree, you can do research online. You can spend a little time to find references or information related to studying in Singapore on the search engines. That way, you will also find some student stories sharing their experiences when studying in this small Asian country. In fact, you can also read a success story of a graduate that can be your consideration. Some Singaporean bloggers wrote about the advantages of studying in Singapore. Through the content of their blog or website, you can learn more about the world of education and the facilities available there.

Learning Experiences

One of the Indian students wrote about his experiences when he studied at the National University of Singapore (NUS). This strongest undergraduate learning institution offers modern and convenient campuses. There are also many professional and highly skilled lecturers who will assist the students for optimum learning. However, to be able to study at the university, he had to prepare himself for the competitive admissions. To apply, the applicant should have good academic skills. He or she also needs to meet other requirements. The applicant can visit the site of the university to learn more about the terms.

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There are many degree programmes in various academic fields to select, such as business, law, public policy, medicine and even music. The university itself adopts the educational systems of the United States and United Kingdom. The course evaluations are mostly based on the results of the final examinations. Most degrees in NUS take 4 years to finish. With the assistance of professional lecturers, students can study various subjects optimally. If there are some questions to ask, the lecturers or professors will be available to give detailed explanations. They are very well-prepared so that every question asked will get the proper answer.

As for the classroom, it is well-arranged. Modern equipment, such as projectors and sound system, is used to support the learning activities in class. Therefore, a lecturer can deliver the material of the subject clearly, thanks to the technology used. The combination of the lecturers’ expertise and advanced technology will provide good learning process. Of course, the students have to do homework as part of the learning activities. However, the homework is not too frequent. The students can get their homework back in 1 – 2 weeks after the submission. Some lecturers post the grades online, but most don’t. In addition, the students can participate in weekly tutorial sessions provided in some courses to learn on how to solve problems.

Most universities in Singapore, including NUS, have extra-curricular activities. All students are encouraged to join in a club that they find interesting. This can build the personal abilities of the students. Sport clubs become the choice of most students since the activities are very good to train physical and mental condition of the members. In addition, there are plenty of clubs to choose from based on the interests or hobbies of the students. The universities in Singapore also often hold interesting events. In fact, many campuses have some regularly held events. Students can find out about the upcoming events from the bulletin boards of the campus. There are times when students can go to some cultural events held by the campus. Attending some events will allow the students to get to know with others coming from different department or faculty.

There are a lot of students’ success stories that can encourage you to choose Singapore as the destination for your education. Alumni of various universities in Singapore pursue their careers in many bona fide companies. Many of them had prestigious positions in an established company. There are many workplaces that accept Singapore university graduates because the companies believe in their quality and skills. Additionally, many graduates are deciding to start their own businesses by relying on their knowledge and experience. One of the graduates from Singapore Polytechnic becomes a homegrown perfumer. Her creations are expected to be an alternative option for women and men who are looking for a perfume that suits their character.

The Life in Singapore City

Since many top universities are located in the city center, students can enjoy a variety of facilities, including convenient public transport. The transportation infrastructure is made as good as possible so that the people can travel and reach their destination with ease. In addition, the quality of life of overseas students is similar to back at home. Foreign students do not need to worry about their life in this country because, in addition to having complete facilities, the prices for food are relatively reasonable. There are many restaurants and street vendors offering various dishes. Students can also have good food at many canteens. They can find ethnic food there as well. In general, students can enjoy great food only for $2 – $3 a meal.

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Indeed, the living cost in Singapore is relatively higher compared to most Asian countries. However, an Indian student explained that this was not a problem. Students are allowed to find part-time jobs as long as it does not violate the regulation of the Singapore Government. Some students can do a part-time job without the need of any permit. Some others must have a work pass in order to search for a job. You can click this link to see the listed institutions allowing students to work.

A student also shared his experience when living in the suburban environment. Since the accommodation is quite cheap, students living in the area should not expect very comfortable life. They can rent rooms at affordable prices, but the there are only a few outlets in each room. The beds are a bit tiny and the wall is too thin. The student mentioned that he could hear the laptop speakers of his friend living next door. The internet connection is quite slow as well. He said that the connection often failed when he needed it the most. The Singapore Government also has a strict regulation relating to chewing gums. Although chewing gum is illegal in this country, some products can still be found in some stores or pharmacies.

As for the residents, the Singaporeans are very friendly and they welcome the foreigners with their generosity. The multicultural community in the country really makes the life in Singapore so unique and colorful. All the Malays, Chinese, Indians and other ethnic blend together. They live in harmony, making Singapore as one of the safest multicultural countries in the world. A foreign student can also live with a Singaporean family. This can be a great way to experience the real life with the Singaporeans. Their culture will allow a foreign student to learn more about every aspect in this country.

You can find a lot of valuable information about the life in this small country by reading various postings on blogs. The writing of students who share their experiences can be a useful guide in preparing your study in Singapore. You can also read many success stories of students who studied in certain college or school. Their shared experiences can be a reference for you in choosing the best learning institute. If you have some questions, you can contact the blogger or the staff of certain university directly. That way, you will get the answer from the right persons.

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