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Primary education is to equip children with the fundamental skills they will need when pursuing high education as well as their careers in the future. That is why the curriculum plays an important role in providing the necessary skills and basic knowledge. The Singapore Government is very aware of this. Therefore, through the country’s advanced systems and high standards, the primary schools in Singapore are providing excellence in education. They also use unique and personal approach when assisting the students in their study. This method supports the effective learning activities, making the students able to absorb the materials presented in class optimally.

Since 2003, the primary education is compulsory in Singapore under the Compulsory Education Act. Students who are attending full-time religious institutions, home schooling, or those with special needs are the subjects of exemptions. However, so that the exemptions are granted, parents must meet the requirements regulated by the MOE (Ministry of Education). The primary schools in Singapore offer complete learning facilities and syllabus to provide quality education to the students. They monitor the progress of each child continuously in many ways. That is why all students can learn effectively and it will allow them to pass the exams with satisfactory results. In addition, to enable students to fully understand the material presented, the parents usually send their children to a primary school starting at age seven. The foundation stage itself will take 4 years to complete. In primary 5 to 6, it will be the orientation stage.

For the foundation stage, students will study in the first stage of formal schooling from primary 1 – 4. They will be taught English and mother tongue that includes Malay, Chinese, Tamil or an NTIL (Non-Tamil Indian Language). They will also learn mathematics. Other subjects, such as social studies, health education, music, arts and crafts, moral and physical education will be learned throughout the primary 1 – 6. As for science, it will be taught from Primary 3 onwards. The children will advance to the orientation and be streamed according to their abilities. They can also take various subjects at levels based on the scores they get in each subject at the end of primary 4. The students can learn mother tongue that is offered at foundation, higher and standard levels. They can also take standard or foundation levels in Math subject.

After completing the 6 years of primary education, the students should take or pass the national PSLE or Primary School Leaving Examination. Based on the results of the examination, students can choose their secondary education. It is also possible to be admitted into a secondary school under the scheme of separate Direct School Admission. The secondary schools are allowed to choose several students based on their special talents. Those who are admitted under this scheme are not allowed to choose certain secondary school based on their PSLE test results. During primary education, MOE also offers a Gifted Education Programme or GEP. It is to support the intellectual gifted students to improve their skills through specific methods. The aim of the program is also to develop their potential, emphasizing on creative thought and higher order thinking. Currently, there are 9 primary schools providing the programs that include Anglo-Chinese School and Raffles Girls’ Primary School. Students can enter the program through various tests at Primary 3. Later, they will be given enrichment programs to optimize their learning process.

Singapore has many primary schools. Recently, many of them become the recommendations of consultants since they offer a good education system and teaching methods with the support of professional teachers. Below is the list of top primary schools based on a survey:

  • Raffles Girls Primary School
  • Rulang Primary School
  • St.Hilda’s Primary School
  • Ai Tong School
  • Catholic High School
  • CHIJ Saint Nicholas Girls School
  • Chongfu School
  • Gongshang Primary School
  • Henry Park Primary School
  • Kong Hwa Primary School
  • Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School
  • Maris Stella High School
  • Methodist Girls School
  • Nanyang Primary School
  • Pasir Ris Primary School
  • Pei Chun Public School
  • Radin Mas Primary School
  • Rosyth School
  • Tampines Primary School
  • Tao Nan School
  • Temasek Primary School

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If you are interested in sending your children to a primary school in Singapore, you can consider the Raffles Girls Primary School. This is one of the top schools that managed to get a variety of awards or achievements, such as Sony Creative Toy Award, National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore, South Zone Chess Competition, Koobits N.E.W. Author and National Inter School Competition Team Championship. Those achievements is the proof of the success of the school in educating the students. This primary schools also have extra facilities to support the learning activities of the students. Classrooms, music rooms, special rooms and a media resource library are some of the facilities students can enjoy. Starting as a vocational training school and moral development, the school has now managed to produce outstanding students who have great opportunities to continue their education to a recognized educational institution for higher learning.

Rulang Primary School is another popular option for parents to send their children to study. It was founded in 1930 and converted into a government school in 1984. In 2003, the Rulang Primary School was awarded with the Singapore Quality Class award. School Distinction Award, People Developer Award and School Excellence Award (SEA) are some examples of other awards that were achieved by this school. One of its students also emerged as a national top student in PSLE. This school uses a specific method to help students to reach their top potential. With the assistance of experienced teachers and staff, students can learn various subjects and improve their academic skills.

There is a primary school located in Bishan. The name is Ai Tong School that is under the Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan. The emphasis of the learning at Ai Tong School is on the learning of Chinese culture, values and language. Its curriculum also has a Chinese influence. The learning activities will done in bilingual system, which is using English and Chinese languages. In addition, Ai Tong has a student exchange program in partnership with a school in Suzhou, China. Students at the Primary 5 will also be given the opportunity to participate in cultural exchange Programmes in China.

Catholic High School that is also known as Cat High or CHS is a primary school for boys in Singapore. This Catholic school provides Gifted Education Program centre. The school also assists students to learn English and Chinese language. After four years of schooling, the students will sit for the GCE O-Level exam. It also has Music Elective Programme to allow students with interest in music to learn it at a higher level. The Catholic High School became the choice of Lee Kuan Yew and Lee Hsien Loong, the current Prime Minister of Singapore, for their children.

Since there are many schools that can be considered, you can read an article or blog postings as your reference. You might find detailed information, including feedback or review, on each primary school in Singapore. You can also visit some websites that allow you to watch a video that displays the environment of certain primary school. Joining a forum and learn about frequently asked questions can also be a good idea. You can post your own question and get replies from other members. Many parents are sharing their experience in preparing their children’s education on the forum as well. It can be your guide when selecting the best school for your children. You can access the website of each school to learn more about the admission, term and policy. It is possible to download an application form from the website as well. It is advised to send a letter or email message to the customer service or staff of the school for the details of the admissions.

Some schools also offer financial aid for parents with low income. The website of the school will give the detailed information on the schemes so parents can apply for the service based on their financial condition. All Singaporean citizen, returning Singaporeans and international students are allowed to apply for the admission. The primary education is designed as the transition stage of children to learn basic subjects after preschool. Therefore, it is important to be selective when choosing the right place. You can visit the website of the MOE to learn more about the available primary schools in Singapore. View this link to learn more about primary schools by planning area.

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