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Singapore is known as a country that offers excellence in education through its advanced systems and high standards. There are many local and global universities in this country that have a modern campus and offer a wide selection of courses or programmes in the fields of engineering, medicine, health, computer science, tourism and hospitality, business management and other studies. They give many alternative options that can be chosen to suit people’s need or interest. Various part time courses are also available to choose to help working professionals. The courses will be the road for them to pursue their careers. Therefore, many Singaporean and international students, such as from Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong and India, take the opportunities to continue their higher education in Singapore.

However, Singapore does not only provide the facilities to study high education. There are many public and private primary as well as secondary schools offering excellent education for Singaporeans and overseas students. A parent can also send the student to an international school. He or she can study various subjects or disciplines and enjoy the convenient environment. In addition, studying in a multicultural environment can support the learning activities of the student. If you are interested in studying at an international school, Singapore has many options that you can consider. They use a unique and personal approach to help student learn the materials. The professional teachers also use effective teaching methods to allow the students to understand the subject optimally.

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The international schools also have complete learning facilities, such as a library, announcement board, modern equipment and technology to support the study. Students can take advantage of the facility provided for free. In an international school, students can also participate in various events. They can get involved in an event, such as an art performance, music festival, workshop projects, sports tournaments and more. A variety of extra curricular like basketball and swimming can also be selected according to the interest of the students. With the assistance of the professional and experienced teachers, they could have the opportunity to develop their hobby that can be useful for their future careers.

If you read an article in a mass media on the topic of education in Singapore, you will see the quality of education offered by various institutions in the country. The international schools in Singapore has produced many graduates who have a great opportunity to get into a top university and have a good career. This is because the educational institutions are supported by good teaching approaches and methods, allowing students to absorb the materials effectively. Students can start learning the basic knowledge on various subjects with a range of learning support tools, such as videos and computers, which are provided by the schools. In addition, they can use the internet to learn more about the subjects they are studying in class. With a variety of facilities provided, they can certainly study a lot easier. No wonder if the alumni of an international school has good academic skills after studying at the institution for several years.

For learning activities in the classroom, various languages will be used, such as English and Mandarin. This is because Singapore has a diverse cultural background and its citizen speak many languages , including Malay and Tamil. That is why many learning institutions in Singapore are using the bilingual system. Having English proficiency is a must. It becomes one of the requirements to apply for a student’s pass or visa and admission. It is important to note that the accreditations also should be one of your considerations before applying for the admission to ensure the quality of education provided by the international schools. You can read the term, vision and mission of the institution on the home page displayed on its official website. You also need to learn more about the entrance test, profile and history of the international school of your choice. To get the info, you can conduct a search online and you will get many results in an instant.

If you plan on studying at an international school, there are several learning institutions that you can consider. Some examples of schools are British Council Nursery School, Chinese International School Singapore (CNIS), Australian International School Singapore (AISS), Canadian International School Singapore (CISS ), Integrated International School (IIS), Dover Court Preparatory School, Global Indian International School, French School of Singapore and more. They are using foreign education as the basis to equip the students with the skills and knowledge required for their further education. Other countries, like Japan, South Korea, Switzerland, Germany and USA, also provide the opportunity for students to experience the education based on the system of each country.

The international schools in Singapore have various education levels. You can choose a school offering preschool to secondary level. International School Singapore (ISS) is one of the popular options for students to attend pre-school to high school. It has produced many global leaders with its education methods and high standard. Students can develop their skills in a unique learning environment. All members and diversity in the school community will also help students to learn many things. One of the reasons why this school is highly recommended is the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programmes. The school has strong focus on the use of technology as a learning tool and a dedicated teaching team to assist the students in their study. The team consists of school accreditation leaders, IB Evaluators and trainers. You can learn in details the contents of its website pages. Contact the staff of the institution by sending a mail message and make appointment schedules.

AIS or Australian International School is another option for elementary and secondary school that operates a Southern Hemisphere school year. It combines the International and Australian curriculum pathways to enable students to reach their potential. The Australian curriculum with an IB PYP framework will be taught from prep to Year 5. Students will learn within a framework of internationally focused teaching from Year 6 to Year 8. IGCSE will be offered in Year 9 and 10 for the preparation in Year 11 to Year 12. Then, students will have the opportunity to choose one of two pathways: IB Diploma Program and the NSW Higher School Certificate. In addition, Mandarin lessons will be taught daily to equip students with language skills.

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If you are interested in following English National Curriculum that is adapted to suit the local requirements, you can choose Dulwich College. It will be the first British independent school in Singapore . The institution itself will be opened in August 2014 and cater for Early Years, Junior and Senior School. In addition, the capacity of Dulwich College will be for 2500 students. They will enjoy the complete facilities and resources provided by the institution. This learning institution will be academically selective. It also will have strong emphasis on Modern Foreign Languages. DUCKS or Dulwich College Kindergarten Singapore is an education for early years to educate children aged 2-7 years old. They will be able to learn at their own level and pace to reach their potential.

For the assessment and evaluation, each student will have a portfolio that tracks their individual learning. The small size of classes will also give individual help required by each student. In the Junior School, students will learn based on the English National Curriculum . They will also learn specialist lessons each week. As for the Senior School of Dulwich College, the focus will be on the performance opportunity, academic excellence and sporting success. This institution also offers the opportunity for students to explore the Arts. It will develop their creative skills. Additionally, students can participate in various shows, exhibitions, performances, recitals, concerts and other events held by this institution. You can check this link for further information or guide.

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