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If you plan to continue your higher education abroad, you certainly make the safety of the place as one of your considerations. Indeed, the quality of education and complete facilities are the main things that you consider. However, on top of that, the security of the country is the one that will make you feel comfortable when pursuing high education in a place that is far from your home. Singapore is an ideal country as your destination to continue your education. In addition to its excellent education systems, Singapore offers the safety that will support your learning activities there. Here are some reasons why it is safe to study in Singapore:

No Riots

Compared to other Asian countries, Singapore is relatively more secure and peaceful. You would very rarely find news about the social problems in this small country. When its neighboring countries were facing a political crisis that ended with riots, Singapore seemed unaffected by the conditions. There are no riots, or even the risk potential, which could lead to a big mess in this country. Consisted of a multi-cultural community, the Singapore Government has managed to set up the life in this country so many social problems can be solved well.

Though Singapore is made up of many communities with diverse culture, religion and race, the people are able to live side by side in peace. This condition is able to reduce the risks that potentially lead to conflict so that you will not find riots in Singapore. This conducive environment will play an important role in your study. You can study with full concentration without having to worry about the risk of riots.

No Natural Disaster

Thanks to its geographical location, Singapore has a lower risk of natural disaster. There are no risks of natural disasters, such as earthquakes, typhoons and tsunamis. Singapore is located between many large islands, such as Sumatra, Borneo and the mainland of Malaysia. If there is a potential natural disaster in those islands, the force decreases before reaching Singapore. That is why the risks of environmental problems in this small country is relatively low. However, Singapore is not entirely free of environmental problems. Man-made disasters still pose risks. Therefore, the Singapore Government sets strict regulations regarding the care of environment, including waste management.

Very Low Crime Rate

Based on statistics, the crime rate in Singapore is relatively low. In fact, it is much lower compared to other Asian countries. Singapore’s crime rates are one of the lowest in the world, making it a safe country to live or visit. Indeed, there are some types of crime, such as pick pocketing and theft of property. However, thanks to the strict law enforcement and public education, the crime rate fell 2.3 % in 2012 compared to the previous year.

The low crime rate in Singapore is also the contribution of law enforcement. Singapore Police Force (SPF) and the Singaporean society are able to cooperate in maintaining the security of the country. For the police response, it is very effective and professional. In fact, in the Global Competitiveness Reports, Singapore’s reliability of police services has been ranked in the top five positions consistently. The police offices will handle the crime cases based on procedures. You do not have to worry about your personal safety in Singapore since it offers a safe environment.

Strict Law Enforcement

Through its regulation, Singapore is able to control many aspects of the life of the society. It is to maintain safety and environmental sustainability. The strict law enforcement is also able to reduce levels of crime and all forms of other violations. Singapore Government will give sanctions to people who break the rules. Carrying certain types of fruit, spitting, smoking and chewing gum are prohibited, making Singapore city stay clean and comfortable.

To avoid violent crimes, Singapore Government strictly controls gun ownership. The person who violated relevant regulations of gun control will be severely punished. Disorderly and rude behavior to women would be categorized as “outraging the modesty of a woman” offense. It is strictly enforced. The strict law enforcement in Singapore makes all activities properly controlled.


Drug abuse is a serious problem faced by many Asian countries. It is also a global issue that should receive special attention from the government. Singapore also faces problems with drugs. However, compared to other countries, drug-related crimes in Singapore are lower. For drug control, the Singapore Government will give severe punishment to the persons who violated the law. The government even gives a death penalty for drugs trafficking. In addition, the government also controls the use of certain types of drugs. The Misuse of Drugs Act, a national drug control law, categorizes substances into classes A, B, and C.

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With the reasons mentioned above, you do not need to worry to continue higher education in Singapore. This country is very safe, making it the ideal destination to pursue your degree. In addition, there are many top universities, polytechnics and schools that allow you to improve your skills and knowledge through class learning and training. You can do research to find the right programme or courses that suit your needs. Studying health, medicine, business management, technology, teaching and other science in Singapore will give you the opportunities to have good career in the future.

The combination of high education standard and law systems in the country will attract a lot of foreign students, including from India, China, Indonesia, Australia, UK, and USA to study in Singapore without having to worry about security related matters. It makes Singapore an attractive place for traveling as well. If you plan to study in Singapore, make sure you meet all the requirements for the application. Having a student’s pass or visas and English language skills are some of the requirements you should meet. You can access the site of the Ministry of Education to get information on studying in Singapore. For the admission, you can visit the official website of universities or colleges you are interested in.

Singapore is not only safe for the study. An investor invests money without worrying about high risk. Singapore’s conducive political and social conditions greatly contribute to its financial stability. This may lower the risks that can cause loses. In addition, it contributes to the rapid development of the country. With the presence of the investors and companies, you will have the opportunity to find a job in Singapore as well. Some companies also have an internship program that allows you to gain work experience. If you have the required qualifications to work in public services, you can make Singapore as a place to work and pursue your career.

If you are a foreign student and wish to study in Singapore, you can visit an information centre or the website of Ministry of Education to find out what you need for the application. You can also search a forum which discusses about studying in Singapore. You will read posts of members who share a guide on studying in the country. To get the information you need, you can post questions. You will receive comments containing the answers in a short time. Additionally, you can contact the learning institutions directly to get detailed information on a course or program.

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