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The development of Singapore, a country with wonderful landscape, has grown rapidly in the economic and education sectors. It offers a wide range of facilities to support the life of its residents, including the people who come from around the world to pursue higher education or search for work in Singapore. Compared to most Asian countries, Singapore has advanced education systems and high standards, making studying in this country will provide a better opportunity for the future careers of its graduates. In addition, its multicultural environment enables the students to learn many things outside their schools or universities.

Universities in Singapore offers courses that can be selected according to the students’ interests or career needs. You can take a course in the area of accountancy, banking, finance, financial trading, administration, psychology, law, tourism and hospitality, health, media communication, design and creative arts, social studies, business management and other sciences. Those institutions also offer programmes for Diploma, Bachelors, Masters, PhD or Doctorates levels. You can study undergraduate or postgraduate courses in the institution of your choice. To study in a university or college in Singapore, you can find information on the admission and apply for a student’s pass or visa to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICAS).

However, there are many people who wish to get their degree but they do not have the time to participate in a classroom. To solve the problem, there are many educational institutions that provide elearning facility. It is for people who want to study in more practical ways. Online study is an effective solution to provide an opportunity for many people to gain knowledge and improve their skills. For working professionals, this method is very useful where they can learn various subjects without leaving their work. In addition, many courses allow students to get their undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and they can take the parttime programmes.

There are also many worlds leading education providers that offer training courses and qualifications that are recognized nationally and globally. They provide e-learning to enable the students to study with various types of media that can deliver audio, images, text and streaming video. Therefore, learning without border is possible.

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If you are interested in improving your skills and get the knowledge on various matters , you can take advantage of the free courses provided by Alison, a learning center in Singapore. This institution is providing the courses to support the Singapore Government that acknowledges the benefits of the power of e-learning and digital literacy. Alison’s Learning Management System (LMS) will give the opportunities for people in Singapore to study the disciplines or get the skills needed for their work or career. This institution has many free courses that include:

  • 21      Days to Building a Web Business
  • Accounting      – Measuring and Reporting of Inventory
  • Accounting      and Its Use in Business Decisions
  • Accounting      Theory
  • Accounting      – Merchandising Transactions
  • ACT      Math Exam
  • Adjustments      for Financial Reporting
  • Advanced      Mathematics
  • Advanced      Chemistry

If you are interested in participating in the free course, you can visit this link for direct access. It is important to note that you will qualify for certification after you complete a course.

Edinburgh Business School is another learning institution that provides distance learning program. It offers MBA, MSc or DBA courses that you can select according to your need. This institution was established in 1997. It has the vision to support their students get career rewards in the future. The programmes offered by this institution are flexible, meaning you can study and take the exams any time you want. These innovative programmes can also be learned in various languages. The programmes are designed to meet the demands of many companies and organizations worldwide. In Asia, Edinburgh Business School has many students and alumni. It is supported by the staff representation of the institute and Approved Learning Partners providing guidance and education related information to the students. They also give more info on academic and administration matters.

For the learning process, students can choose to study with an Approved Learning Partner or through self-managed distance learning. If you select to study with an Approved Learning Partner, you will be given academic support and advice on the program of your choice. In addition, you will be prepared for the tests. Students will also be invited to study on a campus located in Edinburgh during intensive study sessions. It will give them the opportunity to join with other students across the globe to experience the fun of studying in different cultural environment.

The Programmes offered by Edinburgh Business School consist of MBA, MSC, and DBA. The MBA program allows students to study on campus or at one of its Approved Learning Partners. To study MSCs, students can select one of four different areas that consist of marketing, human resource management, finance and strategic planning. With the applied business and management skills in one specific discipline, you can have the expertise needed in your future work.

If you are interested in studying the DBA program, you can study through self-managed distance learning as well. Meanwhile, for the research or thesis stage, you will be assisted by a specialist supervisor. This program is designed for executives who wish to get business ideas with research-based thinking. You will also be equipped with the skills to use research methods to deal with issues in your organisation. The learning activities will improve your skills optimally.

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Singapore Polytechnic also provides online courses. The e-learning courses offered by this institution are using shockwave flash or streamed multimedia lectures in synchronized graphics and text. As an initiative of Ministry of Manpower, Singapore Polytechnic has Foreign Domestic Workers Employers’ Orientation Programme that is provided as an online course as well as lecture-based course. The CoC3 E-Learning Course Phase 1 is for local and international deck personnel who wish to be Junior Deck Officers. There is also CoC5 E-Learning Course, which is a web-based self-learning course for those of you who are interested in marine engineering .

If you wish to get your degree online, you can take advantage of the courses provided by Universal Degree. In collaborations with Corllins University , this institution offers the opportunities for people to advance their career by pursuing a higher education degree. You can select the online degree to allow you to study your degree without leaving your job. The learning process itself is convenient, quick and flexible. You will also be able to use financial aid or flexible payment option to pay for the tuition fees easily.

Visiting a website providing detailed information related to online study in Singapore is recommended. You will be able to learn more about the frequently asked questions as well as the terms and conditions to study in one of the institutions. There are surely requirements to participate in an online course. You can contact the staff of the institution by sending an email message or visit the office to get the details.

Additionally, you need to ensure that you meet the eligibility to apply for the admissions. It is also possible to go to an education center that provides a consulting service. You will find a solution and the best option to get your degree through distance learning. With the e-learning, you can learn about a particular subject topic and theory through teaching methods that is easy to understand.


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