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Singapore has become a destination for people from Asian countries, like India, Vietnam, China, Indonesia and Malaysia to pursue higher education. This country also demands more professionals from around the world to support the development of Singapore, attracting many foreigners to make this small country their second home. Strategically located, Singapore becomes an ideal country that has rapidly developed economically and politically. This condition is another component that makes Singapore very complex and challenging. In addition, Singapore consists of a multicultural community in which many of its citizens are Chinese, Malay and Indian ethnic. The interaction between the different cultures creates a “stronger” nation. Therefore, to stay in Singapore, people can discover something new in which there are many components that shape the life of this country.

Life in Singapore

This country offers a better quality of life since every aspect in Singapore has an advanced system. For example, the quality of education in this country is more advanced than most Asian countries. It has many top public and private universities that are recognized internationally. National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University are some examples of universities that attract many Singaporeans and overseas students to study in this country. Singapore’s top university also ranked the second best after Hong Kong University. Singapore offers numbers of courses where you can study art design, sociocultural studies and more. The effective learning methods and advanced educational systems in Singapore will help students to study optimally. No wonder this country has produced high quality graduates with the skills and competencies needed in various sectors of industry.

This multi-ethnic island-state also has a conducive atmosphere though composed of people from various nationalities. There was no inter-cultural conflict that occurred in Singapore. The residents are able to live side by side even though they have different cultures and traditions. This makes Singapore unique and become a positive example for many countries in Asia and other parts of the world. Its multi-culture is also very useful for academic purposes in which the students can take advantage of this condition for their study. The diversity also affects the local food. The cuisine of Singapore is the result of the blend of many cultures, creating its own uniqueness in the flavor. Therefore, Singapore becomes a popular tourist destination thanks to its delicious dishes. You can eat laksa, fried duck and other traditional dishes. Many foodies have traveled miles from their home only to taste the “multi-cultural” food in Singapore.

The transportation system in the country is also very advanced in which people can rely on its public transport to support their activities. The Singapore Government is able to manage it effectively and reduce the level of congestion in the country. Its good infrastructure makes Singapore a very comfortable place to live. It also offers many opportunities to work. You can find a job in a company easily since there are many places that need skilled workers with a variety of educational levels and expertise. In fact, many companies need people with sales or business marketing skills. Many foreign students choose to find a work in Singapore than go back to their home countries. If you are interested in finding job, you can click this link to learn more about the employment in Singapore.

Since the cost of living in Singapore is relatively higher compared to its neighboring countries, the available jobs offer a higher salary to cover your monthly expenses. In addition, there are many types of accommodation that you can choose. You can stay in rooms so that it can save the monthly living cost. This country has many cities with different living cost rates. Split into 28 districts, the central areas become the places for the expat to live. Some foreigners choose to become a permanent resident in Singapore. Indeed, the application process is quite complicated and it takes longer to complete. However, they will be able to enjoy many benefits, such as sending their children to top schools with lower tuition fees. This would be very helpful financially and compensate for the cost of living that is quite expensive. The resident also can live in safe and clean society.

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Leisure in Singapore

There are many places in Singapore that attracts millions of tourists every year. Various tourist sites are the main attraction of this country that makes living in Singapore more fun. Singapore is known as the best shopping centre in Asia. Many shops sell high quality goods with well-known brands. The prices are relatively lower than most western countries as well. Many people visited the markets of this country to look for quality goods at low prices. Since this country has become the melting pot of different nations, it affects the type of goods offered there. You will find many unique items that may be rarely available in your home.

In addition to having a spot of shopping, such as Orchard Road, and offering great food, Singapore also has many famous tourist sites like museums and festivals. Many tourists come to those places and enjoy exciting holidays in Singapore. One of the places visited by many Singaporeans and tourists is the Marina Bay Sand Hotel. It has a uniquely designed building with iconic infinity pool on the roof. The Sentosa Island is another must-visit place. There are many resorts and wonderful beaches in the area. It is a favorite place for people to play volleyball or just enjoy the amazing view.

Those places are just a few reasons why this country is able to attract millions of tourists every year. In July, there are many tourists in Singapore and they book rooms in various hotels, especially those located along the coast. The tourists from neighboring countries love to spend hours or even weeks to admire the beauty of the cities and beaches in Singapore. The arrival of the tourists has contributed greatly to the economy of this country.


Geographically, the country is in a very strategic position. Singapore is located between Asia and Australia continents, making it a great international trading centre. It affects the economy of Singapore. In addition, since this country is in the middle of the larger islands, Sumatra and Borneo, and the mainland of Malaysia, Singapore tends to have a lower risk of natural disaster. Its tropical climate makes Singapore a comfortable place to stay and the country has two distinct monsoon seasons. In addition, the diamond-shaped island of Singapore is surrounded by several smaller islands.

Opening a Bank Account in Singapore

Having a bank account in Singapore is absolutely necessary. This country has more than 150 banks and strict banking secrecy law. If you are planning on opening a bank account, you must first know your personal needs. For the Singapore residents, opening a bank account is quite easy. It requires less paperwork as well. In addition, it is possible for foreigners to open a bank account in Singapore. Here are a few things that you must meet:

For the Singapore citizens:

  • A copy of Singapore IC
  • A copy of residential address proof

For the Permanent Residents and holders of Work Pass:

  • A copy of residential address proof
  • A copy of passport
  • A copy of work pass

For non-residents, they have the chance to open a bank account under these circumstances:

  • Having a Singapore company.
  • Having a banking relationship with the bank.
  • One of the bank’s clients can help you by introducing you to the      bank.
  • Having an existing relationship with the bank abroad.

To obtain more detailed information regarding the requirements or the best bank to open your account, you can do research on the internet. Joining some forums can also be a good idea where you will be able to post a question. Other members will reply the question you have posted and give you quick guidance on how and where to open a bank account. In addition, you can read some articles discussing bank-related topics to give you more information.

By owning a bank account, you can take advantage of various features, such as an ATM card, internet banking facility for easy transaction, phone banking and chequebook. It is important to note that you will need to keep a minimum balance in your account. You can visit the sites of the banks in Singapore to learn more about the terms and benefits.

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Safety is Singapore’s biggest blessing. Compared to other Asian countries, the condition in this country is more conducive. The Singapore’s crime rate is one of lowest in the world. Thanks to the cooperation between the law enforcement and Singapore society, the security and comfort in this small country are well preserved. From time to time, Singapore is able to reduce the level of crime successfully. Singapore Police Force is also very effective in responding to a crime. Singapore’s laws apply strictly and communities are aware of it. In addition, although consisted of various ethnic as well as religious and cultural backgrounds, the people of Singapore can reduce the risk of conflict and riot. Therefore, the safety of Singapore makes this country as one of the best places to live.

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