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Singapore, a small country in Southeast Asia with advanced systems, offers quality education that attracts thousands of students from around the world. Many overseas students chose this country to pursue their degree since the study cost in Singapore is relatively cheaper than in most western countries, like the United Kingdom and United States. In fact, many students from neighboring countries prefer to study in Singapore than in Australia which is located not too far from the continent of Asia. In addition to its advanced educational system, Singapore also has a variety of courses or programmes supported by the professionals. Combined with effective learning methods, the graduates of top universities, such as National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU), have the expertise and knowledge needed in the international workplace. Their degrees are also recognized internationally.

The universities in Singapore have programs of bachelor and master level. You can study a variety of subject, including technology, medicine, art, design and other science. The multi-cultural community in Singapore can also support the learning process of the students. It is very useful for students who choose business and cultural studies. Not only that, you also can take advantage of the diversity in Singapore to improve your personal ability in which you are able to adapt in different environments. This will give you many advantages in your work place in the future. With the skills you get from your education, you will have a higher chance to pursue careers in a variety of bona fide companies.

To study in Singapore, you will need student visas that you can apply at the ICA (Immigration and Checkpoints Authority). The application process is made simple in which you can do it online. You can simply visit the website to read the terms. However, during your studies, you need to be aware of a variety of components related to many aspects of life in this country. That means you do not merely focus on your education. The government regulates all elements of life to maintain conducive conditions. In addition, various programs and facilities are created for the convenience of the communities in Singapore. You can change a lot of things to be more positive by participating in various available programs. Here are a few things you need to know:

Community Engagement

During your study, you do not only concentrate on academic matters. Since Singapore consists of diverse ethnic, such as Chinese, Indians and Malays, and many students from abroad, like the UK, Sweden, Germany and Hong Kong, there is a risk of social problems and conflicts. If you see or read the news, Asian countries are particularly vulnerable to acts of terrorism. Although life in Singapore is very peaceful, the threat is still to be considered. Therefore, there is Community Engagement Programme. With this program, the diverse communities in Singapore will remain united in a crisis.

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Everyone can join in this program. The community engagement is a place to unite the people with different races and cultural backgrounds. This program is very effective in order to avoid any incidents, especially the terrorist attacks. It is also useful to avoid religious and racial conflict. Thanks to the Community Engagement Programme, the religious and racial harmony is well-maintained, making Singapore one of the best places to live. You also will be able to learn about coping with emergencies through the Community Engagement Programme. If you are interested in participating in this program, you can click here to learn more about it.

Family Matters

The Singapore Government has always paid attention to all aspects of the community life. That includes the family matters. Through the Minister of State, Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports, the government promotes the positive attitude towards family and marriage. The Family Matters! Singapore Committee is concentrating on family matters that have a big contribution in helping the government in this field by presenting 70 recommendations. You can view this link to learn more about the family life/matters/services.

Young Singaporeans need to know about the meaning of marriage and importance of a family. Long-term commitment in a marriage is an important thing that must be understood by them. The program of family matters is focused on providing guidance on the benefits of marriage and family, as well as the importance of the marriage preparation and enrichment. It promotes Family Life Education (FLE) through an integrated framework. FLE is made more accessible to make it effective.

Finding Work

Since the cost of living in Singapore is relatively high compared to its neighboring countries, you might consider finding a work. This is one way to earn extra income so that you can meet your monthly needs easily. There are many opportunities to find part-time jobs. You can do research on the internet to search for an ideal job according to your expertise. If you visit certain sites, you will find information about interesting part-time jobs. In fact, some of them do not require specific skills and easy to do. You will find 1 or 2 jobs at once that can help you get extra income on the sites.

Even if you are on your study periods, you could have the opportunity to work in an office. However, since the Singapore Government sets rules regarding employment in this country, you must meet the requirements for finding work. Generally, foreign students are allowed to find a part-time job. For some cases, students are required to have a work pass to be able to find a job during their study. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has a page on its official website containing information on institutions where work pass requirement is waived. You can visit here to find detailed information on the listed institutions.

Meanwhile, there are some types of work passes that you need to have in order to find work. Each work pass has its own requirements. The work passes you can use are:

  • Training Work Permit

If you are studying in a private educational institution, you can use this type of work permit. Apply for it when you are paid more than S$ 2,500 on every month. For acceptable professional or tertiary qualification holders, applying for training work permit is allowed as well.

  • Training Employment Pass

For those of you who undergo practical training attachments or internship program for managerial, professional, executive as well as specialist jobs, a training employment pass can be used. The attachment training should be part of the degree program of the trainees which is also from an acceptable institution in Singapore. This regulation is for the undergraduates. Meanwhile, the intra-company trainees should have a degree or diploma to have this pass.

  • Work Holiday Programme (WHP)

If you stay in Singapore for up to 6 months or more, you can take advantage of the Work Holiday Programme to find a job. To apply for it, you must be aged between 17-30 years. In addition, you should come from a recognized University or equivalent institution to be accepted by MOM.

Health Care

Health care facilities play an important role in Singapore. The great health care infrastructure of this country allows its residents to enjoy a high level of health. With the support of professional medical personnel and advanced technology in the health care industry, Singapore becomes the destination of patients from neighboring countries who are in need of optimal medical attention. The medical practitioners in Singapore are registered in a relevant body, making the health care in this country safe and reliable. If you stay in Singapore, you can also enjoy the facility. In fact, you can take advantage of affordable medical services thanks to the support of the Singapore Government.

Singapore encourages the residents a healthy lifestyle. Through various health programs, the government has successfully reduced the risk of various diseases. In addition, the use of drugs is strictly controlled, including the quality control of the medicines provided in pharmacies and other stores. Singapore only provides high quality drugs. In addition, Singapore promotes green and clean environment to increase the health quality in the country. In 2002, the World Health Organization ranked the health care system of Singapore as the best in Asia region. The Singapore Government spent 3.9% of GDP on health care.

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Thanks to its good transportation system, the Singaporeans can depend on public transport to support their routine activities. The Singapore Government has encouraged people to use public transport by providing great infrastructure. Public transportation is made as comfortable as possible and properly scheduled. The types of public transportation available in Singapore are buses, taxis and Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) rail system. All means of transport has air conditioner for the convenience of passengers. Those modes are operating from 5:30 am until 12 pm, covering various areas in Singapore. With longer operation time and the support of advanced technology, you can go whenever and wherever you wish within hour. In addition, you do not have to worry about traffic congestion. Based on various surveys, more than 90% of respondents are very satisfied with the public transport services in the country.

If you plan to continue higher education in Singapore, you can join in a forum or group that provides detailed information about the country. You can post a question and get comments for the matter you have asked from other members quickly. This is the fastest way to get the information you need for free. You can also follow Twitter or Facebook accounts of certain institution or education consultants for the latest information on Singapore. If you had googled to find websites that provide content or reviews about this country, you would find a lot of results that can be your reference.

For the administrative requirements, it might only need a few weeks for the process. If you want to know more about the conditions or the policy of the university, you can simply contact or write an email to the staff to get the detailed information. You might be required to complete an online form to apply to the university as well. This is a practical way for the application. You can also find information about the recommended accommodation and the monthly rates during your study. Make sure to have English language skills since it absolutely necessary in order to be able to study in this country. With the visa issued by the government and other preparations, you will be ready to continue higher education in Singapore.

The procedure to apply to study in Singapore is not easy. We are willing to help to make it easier for you (cost from $5k SGD). Kindly send us your enquiry, we will try our very best to reply to you soonest. We duly hope to be of the utmost service to you. Thank you very much !

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