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When you have completed your studies, you certainly have a plan on what you will do next. Singapore offers many options that you can choose. It is possible to find a job and pursue a career in this country since there are many well-established companies that are ready to accept you if you are qualified for one of the positions.


However, if you feel you need to improve your skills and knowledge, you can continue higher education in Singapore. This country offers a quality education system and top universities or polytechnics. You will have the opportunity to study your degree with the support of the professionals as well.

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For those of you who are interested in working in a company in Singapore, you can start looking for information on job vacancies. If you do a quick search on the search engine, you will find many companies that offer the opportunity for you to work. For Singaporeans, working in a Singapore company does not require complicated requirements. As long as they meet the qualifications and general requirements needed, applying for a job will be very simple. However, if you are a foreign worker, you must have work permits and an employment pass.

Based on Employment of Foreign Workers Act, work permits are necessary for semi-skilled and unskilled foreign workers. It is important to note that there are types of work permit based on the sector of employment. Applying for an employment pass is also very important for foreign professional, entrepreneur, executives, managers and specialists. There are also some types of employment passes, such as employment training pass, employment of foreign students, and work holiday program. If you plan to work while studying in Singapore, you can choose the proper employment pass. To learn more about the regulation, you can visit this link.

Singapore requires more foreign talents for specific level, industry or skill. To get jobs in Singapore, you have to take an extra time to do the research. The best and fastest way to find an ideal job for you is to look for information on the jobs available online. You can visit some sites that provide information about a variety of job options that you can select based on your expertise and educational background. You can also learn more about the company’s profile as well as the skills required to apply for the job. It is also very important to prepare your marketing materials when planning on joining in business sector so that you can prove yourself as the perfect candidate for the job offered in an interview. If you have contacts that can help you in getting a work, you can use them to get the leads for the job.

Further Study

Since Singapore is the ideal destination for students from around the world to pursue higher education, this country offers a lot of places to study. Many international students, especially from China, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and even UK, chose Singapore to study their degrees. Singapore offers a variety of courses and you can have the opportunity to earn a master’s degree or doctorate in a university recognized globally. It will give a plus for you where you will have a better chance to pursue careers in bona fide workplaces.

Singapore has many public and private universities with modern campuses. In addition, there are many foreign institutions that provide opportunities for Singapore resident as well as overseas students to learn with the guidance of the professionals. The learning system in Singapore is based on bilingual policy, English and Chinese. In addition, the diverse nations in this country will allow you to learn more on cultural studies. Based on a study released by the Ministry of Education, there are some top universities in Singapore that provide opportunities for their graduates to get high employability. The universities are:

  • National University of Singapore (NUS)
  • Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
  • Singapore Management University (SMU)

Approximately 91% of 9,668 fresh graduates from those universities got employed within half a year upon their graduation. According to the Graduate Employment Survey (GES), 85.6% of those graduates enjoyed full-time employment with an average monthly income of over $3,000. Therefore, if you are a graduate from one of the top universities, you will have more opportunities to find a secured job fast.

If you are planning to pursue further studies in Singapore, you can visit the websites of various universities to read the information on the programmes offered and the requirements for admission. Sending an email or contact the staff of the university to get the details is also advisable. You can use the services of consultants or other agencys to find the best place to continue your education in Singapore. Of course you have to meet the initial requirements for further study in this country, such as student visas and English competency. You can visit the website of the ICA (Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore) to get detailed information on a student’s pass or visa. You can complete the application form in order to get the visa.

To study a programme in Singapore, you will also need extra budgets. You should have a budget for the tuition fees and the cost of living. To help you financially, the Singapore Government and other agencies offer scholarships to study certain courses. You can find a scholarship for certain program of study that fits your expertise or career requirements. There are many categories of scholarships that you can choose so that you have more ways or opportunities to pursue higher education in Singapore. To be able to apply for a scholarship, you must meet various requirements, including having good academic skills and personal abilities. It is also possible to find a part-time job to earn extra income. If you are studying in Singapore on a scholarship, you must obtain permission from your sponsor first. In addition, you can join in a forum providing guide about living and studying in Singapore. The information will assist you during your stay in this country.

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To graduate, each university has its own requirements. Basically, there is a minimum CAP that must be met. This will affect the opportunity for graduation. To apply for a job or further studies, you can have a Certification Letter. This letter will state that you have successfully completed your study course. It is very useful if you do not have the diploma scroll and transcript since they will be given to you on graduation day. You can visit the website of your university to get more information related to your graduation.

Once you graduate, you can start looking for a job. Make sure you do research before applying for certain jobs since they require specific qualifications, expertise as well as the education level. You can also train your ability to face interviews to make you more confident. This will increase the chance of getting the job because of the interview is one of the considerations for the employers to choose the perfect candidates. In addition, you can seek advice from the experts on how to successfully deal with the interviews.

The procedure to apply to study in Singapore is not easy. We are willing to help to make it easier for you (cost from $5k SGD). Kindly send us your enquiry, we will try our very best to reply to you soonest. We duly hope to be of the utmost service to you. Thank you very much !

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